Street / Strip / Oval Track Eliminator Kit Designed Specifically For Strange Hybrid Axles


Part Number: A1100

Application – Street / Strip / Oval Track

Chevy 8.2, 8.5, or 12 Bolt Passenger Cars With OEM Small GM Housing Ends
Strange custom axles machined at 1.7735″ specifically designed for use with this kit
Normally supplied in a Hybrid Axle Package or purchased as a replacement kit

Factory drum brakes and some aftermarket disc brake kits
Aftermarket kits must be designed specifically for use with an eliminator kit

Simple modification to housing ends required – See instruction sheet

Billet aluminum inner and outer halves
Timken® Tapered Unit Bearings
Locking rings
Inner & outer seals
Grade 8 bolts
Two studs with locking nuts & washers- Maybe required to clear shock mounts

Not For Other Strange Axles
Some axles are machined at 1.7735″ but use a low friction ball bearing – See A1029
These two kits are not interchangeable

Hybrid Axle Packages
Axles, eliminator kit, & studs…………… P1011GOT / P1011GOT58
Axles, eliminator kit, studs, & spool… P2000GOT / P2000GOT58


Small GM Street / Strip / Oval Track / eliminator kit for custom Strange axles @ 1.7735″

Parts List and Installation Guide pdf File