94-04 Mustang C-Clip Eliminator Kit
With OEM Ends, GT Brakes & Axles


Part Number: A1096

1994-2004 Mustang
With OEM housing ends and GT disc brakes *

* GT Brakes Only – Will not work with 11.65″ Rotors

1994-2004 Cobra, 2001 Bullitt & ’03-’04 Mach 1 – A1097

OEM Ford or Strange Replacement C-Clip Axles

Tapered Bearings Allow For Both Street & Strip Use

• Billet aluminum caliper mounts
• Accepts GT brakes
• Aluminum outer halves
• Tapered bearings ensure long bearing life
• Adapter collars
• Locking rings
• Inner & outer seals
• Gaskets & O-rings
• Grade 8 studs, locking nuts & washers

ABS – This Kit Won’t Work With OEM Reluctor Rings
See optional special reluctor ring below
Read instructions carefully beforehand as assembly order is crucial

Part Option
Special ABS ring – A1094E


Ford 94-04 Mustang GT eliminator kit with caliper mounts for OEM axles

Parts List and Installation Guide pdf File