05-14 Mustang C-Clip Eliminator Kit
With OEM Ends, GT Brakes & Axles


Part Number: A1098

2005-2014 Mustang
With OEM housing ends and GT disc brakes *

* Also adapts 2007-2012 GT500 disc brakes

2013-2014 GT500 disc brakes – A1098GT5

OEM Ford or Strange Replacement C-Clip Axles

Tapered Bearings Allow For Both Street & Strip Use

• Billet aluminum caliper mounts
• Accepts OEM GT brakes
• Aluminum inner halves
• Tapered bearings ensure long bearing life
• Bearing spacer/reluctor ring adapters
• Locking rings
• Outer seals
• O-rings
• Housing end bolts
• Hardened washers
Reuses OEM caliper mounting bolts

This Kit Works with OEM Reluctor Rings
Read instructions carefully beforehand as assembly order is crucial

OEM reluctor ring – A1098I


Ford 05-14 Mustang eliminator kit with caliper mounts using stock brakes and c-clip style axles