Small Ford Axle Bearing
For Strange Axles With 1.5635" Bearing Area


Part Number: A1023A

Sold as Each

Sealed Ball Bearing
• 2.834″ OD x 1.562″ ID
• Outer seal & O-ring
• Eliminates inner axle seal
• Includes locking collar

Drum Brakes
Will Not Work With OEM Retainer Plate

Retainer Plate – A1023B
Bearing with Retainer Plate – A1023

Cold Press Only
Should be pressed on at room temperature
Heating can reduce holding power and ruin seal surface
Tack-welding can alter the axles heat treating and cause cracking


Axle Bearing With Locking Collar For Ford 2.835 I.D. Housing End

Sealed ball bearings and sealed double row ball bearings equipped with an O-ring don’t require an axle seal in the housing end. The outer diameter of this type axle bearing has a groove to secure the O-ring which mates with the housing end to perform a seal. The inner race of the bearing is press-fit to seal the axle shaft and the sealed axle bearing is packed with grease; making it self-lubricating. A separate axle bearing retainer plate usually holds this bearing and axle combination in the axle housing and eliminates the need for c-clip axle retention. Sealed axle bearings are also sold with integrated retainer plates for certain applications.