Axle Bearing With Locking Collar - Each For 3.150" ID Housing End Fits Axles With 1.5635" Bearing Area


Part Number: A1021

Sealed Ball Bearing
– 3.150″ OD x 1.562″ ID
– Outer seal & o-ring eliminates inner axle seal
– Includes locking collar

Bearing & locking collar should be pressed on at room temperature

Pre-heating is not recommended as collars can lose holding power
Never “tack-weld” collars as damage to the axles heat treat can occur


Axle Bearing With Locking Collar

The axle bearing and locking collar are important for keeping the axles engaged in the carrier and transferring torque. The locking collar is the part that keeps the axle bearing in place allowing it to do it’s job.

These units are designed and built to meet or exceed OE specifications for excellent fit and reliable performance. It will keep your axles under control and spinning down the road.

The Strange Axle Bearing is Made from 4140 steel and has a fine finish on the outer diameter for a proper fit.

Heating the locking collar can reduce it’s holding power and ruin the seal surface. It should be cold pressed only. Tack-welding can alter the axle’s heat treating and cause cracking.

Sealed Ball Style Axle Bearing For 3.150 OD Housing Ends 3.150 x 1.562

Parts List and Installation Guide pdf File