Strange HD 9" Ford Housing For GM G-Body Application Includes Mounts, Ends, Fill, Drain, & Vent


Part Number: HF9GGME

GM G-Body Vehicles
Custom widths available at no additional charge

Center Housing – H1110
Constructed from .141″ mild steel
Heavy duty .282″ thick face plate
Internal gussets provide rigidity and support axle tubes
Slots allow exceptional weld contact of housing to tubes

Fill & Drain plugs – H1116 / H1117D
Facilitate fluid changes

Tubing – H1139
3″ OD .250″ wall mild steel tubing

Vent – H1112B
Prevents build-up of internal pressure
Ensures sealing integrity

Upper Control Arm Mounts
• Billet one piece heavy duty steel construction
• Will not flex like two piece plate type

Lower Control Arm Mounts & Spring Cups
• Multiple mounting hole locations provide adjustability

Housing Ends
• Forged steel
• Choice of Strange end

Professionally Welded
• Jig welded to ensure proper alignment
• Exceptional weld quality

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Available for Drag Race Only, Street / Track, and Performance Street Vehicles

This product is only available from an Authorized Strange Dealer or Factory Direct Call - 800-646-6718 or Email Us


Strange Ford 9 inch Rear End For G Body Vehicles/ choice of ends / with mounts

Strange Engineering has designed improvements to the Ford 9 inch rear ends for the automotive industry. One such application is the Strange G Body Ford 9 inch rear end that includes mounts, ends, fill, drain, & vent.

Strange has increased the strength of the Ford 9 inch in several different ways. The Strange 9 inch housing is a semi-floating, drop-out axle. Because of its strength you will see these 9 inch rear ends in just about every make of car, not just Fords.

The Ford 9 inch housing has a vast amount of ford 9 inch gear ratios available. This combined with easy assembly makes it popular for fine tuning your rear gear for any particular need. Strange Engineering is the most recognized name in the aftermarket industry when it comes to Ford 9 inch rears. From high performance street cars to pro Mod, Strange Ford 9 inch housings are relied on by more racers than all other manufacturers combined.

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