Strange HD 9" Ford Housing With Fill, Drain, & Leaf Spring Mounts - No Ends


Part Number: HF9L

Construction of Ford 9″ Leaf Spring Rear End

Strange HD Ford 9″ housing
Includes tubes & choice of leaf spring mounts – No housing ends

Perfect base for creating Pro Touring floater housing

Information Required
Tube to tube width
Pinion offset
Leaf spring mounts

Center Housing – H1110
• Constructed from .141″ mild steel
• Heavy duty .282″ thick face plate
• Internal gussets provide rigidity and support axle tubes
• Slots allow exceptional weld contact of housing to tubes
• Extended cover provides clearance for 9″ & 9 1/2″ gear sets

Fill & Drain plugs – H1116 / H1117D
• Facilitate fluid changes
• Allows for inspection of ring gear

Housing Tubing – H1139
• DOM 1026 steel
• 3″ OD x .250″ wall thickness

Vent – H1112B
• Prevents build-up of internal pressure
• Ensures sealing integrity

Choice Of Leaf Spring Mounts
• Single leaf, Multi-leaf, Early Chevy, & Mopar / Universal
• Same price for OEM or custom locations

Mopar / Universal mounts can be “boxed” for an additional charge

Professionally Welded
• Jig welded to ensure proper alignment
• Tubes internally & externally welded to housing
• Provides maximum support & rigidity

Related Components
Lube Locker® gasket……. H1111S
Pro Touring Floater kit…… F5010

Axle Packages
Alloy……………………….. P3102 / P3104
Pro Race…………………. P1007 / P1008

See Our Full Line of Center Sections
Available for Drag Race Only, Street / Track, and Performance Street Vehicles

This product is only available from an Authorized Strange Dealer or Factory Direct Call - 800-646-6718 or Email Us


Ford 9″ housing / choice of leaf spring mounts (no ends)

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