Strange S60 Rear End With Leaf Spring Mounts 35 Spline Alloy Axles and Trac-lock Differential


Part Number: PRSL05

Custom made to your specifications
Factory or custom widths available at no additional charge
Choice of housing ends and leaf spring mounts
Professionally welded and assembled
Crated to protect your investment

Gear Ratio Selection
3.54 / 3.73 / 4.10 / 4.30/ / 4.56 / 4.88 / 5.13 / 5.38

Assembly Includes
S60 housing with leaf spring mounts installed – H60LE
35 spline Alloy Axle Package – P3502 / P3504
4 1/2″, 4 3/4″, or 5″ bolt circle
Choice of wheel stud kit – A3130 / A3151 / A3162 / A1025 / A1026
35 spline Trac-lock differential – D3537 / D3538
Selection of gear ratio
S-Series pinion yoke – U1600
Pinion yoke u-bolt kit – U1610
Dana / Spicer steel cover – D3505
Bottle friction modifier (Clutch posi units only)
Fully crated – No extra charge

Helical gear differential………… OPRS02
Detroit Locker………………………. OPRS01
5/8″ stud kit………………………….. OPRS12
Chrome moly yoke……………….. OPRS18
LPW aluminum cover……………. OPRS06
Strange aluminum cover………. OPRS08
Black powder coat housing… H1199P-BLK

Supply 2 qts Lucas gear oil…… OPGL2Q

Related Components
Fixed pinion snubber……………. D3520
Adjustable pinion snubber……. D3521

This product is only available from an Authorized Strange Dealer or Factory Direct Call - 800-646-6718 or Email Us


Dana 60 Leaf Spring Rear End with 35 Spline Alloy Axles and Trac-lock Differential

The Strange Dana 60 Leaf Spring Rear End (S60) is a huge improvement over the OEM Dana 60 rear axle, while still accepting the same components.

Strange has designed a casting that is not only stronger but also thinner and lighter than the factory rear axle. The main caps and casting is made from a proprietary nodular iron. This formula is considerably stronger than cast iron. We eliminated the side carrier shims and the heavy duty main caps are fitted with adjuster nuts. The adjuster nuts allow the backlash and preload to be adjusted by a turn of a wrench. This in turn greatly reduces the time and effort to change a gear or differential.

The 9.750 inch ring gear can withstand a large amount of abuse. Equal to that of a 9 inch Ford gear, at a fraction of the price. It also happens to be more efficient, using less power to drive the ring and pinion. Comparing the weight to a similar 9 inch rear end the Strange S60 weights just 15 lbs more. If you compared it to an aftermarket 12 bolt it is around 20lbs more.

The S60 rear end is equipped with 35-spline axle shafts without costly upgrades. The castings have a drain plug on the bottom. The HD 1350 series pinion yoke is larger than the factory pinion yoke and this will need to be taken into consideration when ordering the driveshaft.

This S60 Rear End is equipped with a Trac-lock Differential, Standard gear set, 35 spline Hy-Tuf axles, 1/2” wheel studs, HD 1350 series yoke, u-bolt kit, and steel rear cover.

Optional differentials, chrome moly yoke, covers and satin black powder coated housing are available.

Parts List and Installation Guide pdf File

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