Front 4 Piston Carbon Brake Kit Fits Strange Ultra Strut Bodies Used In Strange & Penske® Struts


Part Number: C4700WC

Strange Ultra Struts / Penske® Struts With Strange Bodies
For Weld® 15″ x 3.5″ hub mount wheels with 2.25″ backspace & 4 1/2″ B.C.

Increased starting line holding power
Greatly reduced rotational friction
Firm brake pedal feel


Billet Aluminum Hubs With Integral Rotor Mount
• Extensively milled to minimize mass
• Less fasteners that add weight and require maintenance
• Accepts either tapered or ball bearings
• 4 1/2″ bolt circle
• Black anodized finish

7/16″ Stainless Steel Wheel Studs
• Reduces weight and resists corrosion
• Bushings included to adapt studs to wheels
• Mini lightweight 12 point flanged lug nuts

Billet Aluminum Carbon Calipers
• Body size reduced for weight & clearance
• Insulated pistons eliminate heat shields
• Self retracting design minimizes brake drag
• Piston diameters reduced to 1.500″
• Prevents overly aggressive braking and improves pedal feel

Carbon / Carbon Rotors & Pads
• Superior strength and wear characteristics compared to carbon fiber
• 11″ diameter rotors provide additional mechanical advantage
• Larger surface area of brake pads enhance performance & material life

One Piece Billet Aluminum Caliper Mounts
• Reduces flex by eliminating bolt together components
• Less bolts that can loosen and require re-torquing

Premium Fasteners
• Provides all necessary mounting hardware

Not Included In This Kit:

Hub Bearings, Races, & Seals
• Seals, tapered bearings & races are available

Brake Hoses & Lines
• Calipers are tapped 1/8″ NPT and supplied with male 3 AN fittings

New Product
Mono Tube Ultra Strut Package With This Kit – PSS225M

This product is only available from an Authorized Strange Dealer or Factory Direct Call - 800-646-6718 or Email Us


The Strange Front Carbon Brake Kit Fits Strange Ultra Struts or Penske® struts utilizing Strange bodies. They are commonly used in Pro Stock & Pro Mod applications to increase starting line holding capabilities while greatly decreasing rotational friction.

Strange Carbon Drag Brake Kits are the lightest drag racing brake kits in the industry (at less than 15-pounds for an 11-inch kit). They also deliver with more stopping power and efficiency than any other manufacturer. The Strange Front Carbon Brake Kit was developed to satisfy the needs of the most demanding and competitive racers. They are essential for all cars demanding optimum braking and maximum weight reduction.

The billet low profile four piston calipers are reduced in size for additional clearance and further weight reduction. Piston diameters have been reduced to 1.500” to improve pedal feel and prevent overly aggressive braking. Self retraction insulated pistons minimize brake drag and eliminate heat shields.

The billet aluminum hubs have been extensively milled to reduce mass and feature an integral rotor mount to minimize fasteners that add weight and require maintenance. The hubs are 5 on 4 1/2”B.C. with 7/16” stainless steel studs and mini lightweight 12 point flanged lug nuts. Bushings are included to adapt wheels to hubs. Special wheels are required.

The rotors and pads are manufactured from carbon-carbon material. This substance is carbon fiber that has been reinforced with a carbon matrix. The result is a medium that is very stable under extreme temperatures and can withstand “white hot” temperatures during braking. The rotors are virtually immune to thermal shock, which in heavy braking conditions may cause steel rotors to warp and cast iron rotors to crack and eventually shatter.

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