S-Series Iron 9" Ford Center Section
With Spool, Standard Gear & 1350 Series Yoke


Part Number: PRF135

Heavier Mid-Range Horsepower Drag Race Cars
Limited by strength of standard gear set

• Professional assembly
• Grade 8 ring gear bolts
• Shipped in protective container

S-Series Nodular Iron CaseN2205 / N2206
• Radial rib design increases stiffness
• 8-10% stronger material than factory nodular iron
• Additional mass in all critical areas
• Heavy duty nodular main caps
• Solid adjuster nuts
• Designed & machined by Strange
• Cast in the USA

Daytona Pinion SupportN1914
• Nodular iron
• Stronger than plain cast iron
• Larger bearings than OEM stock support

Lightweight SpoolD1515 / D1516 / D1554 / D1518
• 28, 31, 33, or 35 spline
• Forged steel

Choice of Standard Gear

S-Series Yoke with U-BoltsU2203 / U1610
• For 1350 series u-joint

Part Options
Billet aluminum support – OPRF16
Chrome moly yoke – OPRF07


S-Series Nodular Iron Third Member with Spool, and 1350 Series Yoke.

Strange’s radial rib design significantly increases the rigidity of the case Strange Engineering’s own blend of nodular iron contains more bonding additive which increases material strength by 8-10%. Coupled with strategical reinforcements to the pinion support area, tail bearing pocket, and main caps, it exceeds the strength of the factory nodular case.

The 3.062” bore case will fit all differentials and spools from 28 to 33 spline. The 3.250” will fit 35 spline differentials and spools, including our 40 spline D2000 spool. The pricing allows an individual to purchase a new upscale case at a price of a used and fatigued factory part.

Ford 9 inch Spool

The Strange Steel Spool is forged in the USA from premium 8620 steel.

Strange 1350 Series Yoke

The Strange S-Series Pinion Yoke is fully heat treated for maximum tensile strength. Made from top-tier nodular iron castings, this yoke is economical and strong. If you are building a street/strip car or a cruiser, certainly consider the Strange S-Series Yoke.

Guidelines and Torque spec

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