86-93 Mustang Alloy Axle & Spool Package
35 Spl Axles, Eliminator Kit, 1/2" Studs & Spool


Part Number: P3509F86S

Alloy Axles are Optimized for Street & Track
Provides greater torsional strength while retaining flexibility

Spools are Designed For the Track
They are unsafe for street use

For Pure Drag Racing – P2000FM86

1986-1993 Mustang with OEM Housing Ends


Alloy AxlesA3500
• Forged from modified 1550 premium steel
• Majority of machining performed before heat treat
• Provides consistent material hardness
• Induction hardened to Rc 58-62
• Increases torsional strength while remaining ductile
• Finish machined after heat treat to ensure trueness
• Choice of bolt circle
• Forged in the USA
• Designed and machined by Strange Engineering

C-Clip Eliminator KitA1090
• Billet aluminum inner and outer halves
• Tapered bearings ensure long bearing life
• Locking rings
• Outer seals
• Gaskets
• Grade 8 studs with locking nuts & washers

Choice of Press-in or Screw-in Wheel Studs
• Press-in 1/2″-20 studs – A3121
• Screw-in 1/2″-20 studs 2″ long * – A1025
• Screw-in 1/2″-20 studs 3″ long * – A1026

* Length measured from underneath the hex of the stud

Lightweight Steel SpoolD1567
• Forged premium 8620 steel
• Surface hardened to Rc 45-48
• Lightened to maximize strength to weight
• Forged in the USA
• Designed and machined by Strange Engineering

Optional Labor
Install eliminator kit – A1008C
Install eliminator kit & studs – A1008SC


86-93 Mustang 8.8 35 Spline Axle Package with C-clip Eliminator kit, Spool and 1/2″ Studs

To provide greater flexibility, Strange 35 spline alloy axles are CNC precision-machined from premium forged alloy steel and are induction hardened to resist bending loads. When axles are intended for use in street applications, this type of heat treatment is crucial to ensure a strong axle that can be safely utilized in this environment.

We Cut Before Heat Treatment, Not After.

We can not stress enough the importance that Strange Engineering does all of its machine work on the axle splines prior to heat treatment. This allows for consistent heat treat depth, leading to a stronger axle. Be aware that many companies heat-treat the materials before the splines are machined into the axle which causes them to have a shiny appearance.

Strange axles are manufactured with a large bearing area diameter (1.563-inch) for additional strength. The Strange axle shoulder is designed with an extra large radius and utilizes an adaptive ring to minimize stress concentration.

Strange Lightweight Steel Spool is forged in the USA from premium 4140 steel and carries a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Strange Engineering has led the industry with an innovative focus. During the early 1970s, Strange brought the C-Clip Eliminator to the market.

Under the extreme effects of drag racing, axles that are held in using only a small c clip can lead to disastrous results. If the c-clip breaks or simply comes off, the wheel and the full axle may come out of the rear housing. This can be a hazard to vehicle occupants and bystanders, alike. By using the Strange 8.8 C-Clip Eliminator Kit you get rid of the C-clips in your rear end and can ensure that the axle remains inside the housing.

The Strange Mustang C-Clip Eliminator Kit helps make the rear axle safer and more durable. The lightweight aluminum housing bolts up to the axle tube with simple modifications. It incorporates low friction bearings that have a reduction in rotational loss. It incorporates Timken® Tapered Bearings that allow for Street or Strip use. This kit can be used with drum brakes and some aftermarket disc brakes.

1986 Mustang c clip eliminator kit with spool
1987 Mustang c clip eliminator kit with spool
1988 Mustang c clip eliminator kit with spool
1989 Mustang c clip eliminator kit with spool
1990 Mustang c clip eliminator kit with spool
1991 Mustang c clip eliminator kit with spool
1992 Mustang c clip eliminator kit with spool
1993 Mustang c clip eliminator kit with spool

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