Strange S60 Rear End                                                                                       With GM F-Body Mounts                                                                                     35 Spline Alloy Axles and Helical Gear Differential

/, Street / Track, Complete Rear End Assemblies, S60, GM, GM, Complete Rear End Assemblies, S60/Strange S60 Rear End                                                                                       With GM F-Body Mounts                                                                                     35 Spline Alloy Axles and Helical Gear Differential

Strange S60 Rear End                                                                                       With GM F-Body Mounts                                                                                     35 Spline Alloy Axles and Helical Gear Differential


Part Number: PRSF05

Out of stock

1982-2002 Camaro / Firebird / Trans Am

Will not accept factory drum or disc brakes
Can use 1981 and older drum brakes or 1998-2002 disc *

* Disc brakes will not clear 82-92 factory rims

Will accept factory brakes
Requires special Strange caliper mounts – B1105A / B1105B

Will accept factory brakes

Custom made to your specifications
Factory or custom widths available at no additional charge
Choice of housing ends
Professionally welded and assembled
Crated to protect your investment

Aftermarket torque arm may need to be modified
Stock driveshaft will need to be replaced – See U1699F60 / U1699F60C

Gear Ratio Selection
3.54 / 3.73 / 4.10 / 4.30 / 4.56 / 4.88 / 5.13 / 5.38

Information Required
Year of vehicle
Stock or custom width
Type of brakes
Housing ends
Gear ratio
Stud choice

Assembly Includes

S60 housing with F-Body mounts installed – H60GFME
35 spline Alloy Axle Package – P3502 / P3504
4 3/4″ bolt circle
Choice of wheel stud kit – A1035 / A1025 / A1026
35 spline helical gear differential – D3523 / D3533 / D3534
Selection of gear ratio
S-Series pinion yoke – U1600
Pinion yoke u-bolt kit – U1610
Dana / Spicer steel cover – D3505
Extended sway bar link kit
Fully crated – No extra charge

5/8″ stud kit…………………………… OPRS12
Chrome moly yoke………………… OPRS18
Black powder coat housing… H1199P-BLK

Supply 2 qts Lucas gear oil……. OPGL2Q

Related Components
Rear shocks………………………. S5270 / S5070


This product is only available from an Authorized Strange Dealer or Factory Direct Call - 847.663.1701 or Email Us


Strange Engineering’s S60 a Dana 60 F-Body Rear End for the 1982-2002 Camaro, Trans Am, and Firebird replaces the weaker 7.5 inch rear end found in 3rd Gen and 4th Gen F-Body cars.

If you are looking for the strongest and easiest to install Dana 60 rear end for your F-Body then your search is over. The Strange designed casting is poured from premium, highly ductile, nodular iron.

The Strange Dana 60 F-Body Rear End is machined with mated lightweight chrome moly caps to exacting tolerances, thus ensuring an unyielding framework that maximizes gear life and eases ring and pinion installation.

Strange Engineering has been the leader in drag racing driveline and suspension for over 50 years by paying special attention to detail – the Strange Dana 60 F-body rear end is no exception. Every rear end component is closely scrutinized by our experienced set-up department.

The Strange S60 rear end features 360 degree fully welded tubes, large 3.15 inch i.d. housing ends, a 1350 series pinion yoke and 35 spline alloy axles. The Strange S60 housing is designed to work with the 93-02 factory disc brakes or popular aftermarket brake kits.

Each strange rear end is fully crated to ensure the recipient of an uneventful delivery. Great pride goes into every complete rear end every ring gear is engraved with the signature of the set-up technician.

Call us today to have one custom configured to your drag racing application.

Additional information

Weight 385.00 lbs

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