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Strange S-Trac Differential
Fits Dana 60 With 35 Spline Axles - 3 Series


Part Number: D3523


Dana 60 with 35 spline axles
Using a gear ratio designed for 3 series carriers


Strange 35 Spline S-Trac
This helical gear differential offers smooth and progressive power transfer
Superior design and quality make it ideal for the most abusive Street/Track applications


Torque Biased, Mechanical & Clutchless
• Maximizes traction and acceleration
• Dependable and maintenance free
• Quiet operation

Internal Gear Pocket Geometry
• Minimizes stress risers
• Increases service life

Aggressive Gear Helix Angle
• Promotes superior torque bias
• Excels in situations of unequal traction

All Internal Gears Made from 8620 Steel
• Chrome moly material
• Vacuum heat treated for superior strength

Proven Quality
• Designed, machined, & assembled by Strange
• Materials made in the USA

Gear Lube

Will adversely affect unit operation and void warranty

Use Only Petroleum Based 85W-140 Gear Oil

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Parts List and Installation Guide pdf File


Dana 60 / S60 Strange S-Trac Helical Differential / 3 series / 35 spline

Additional information

Weight 32.85 lbs