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Each Strange forged alloy steel axle is manufactured to your exact specifications. Strange axles are CNC precision machined from premium forged alloy steel then induction hardened to resist bending loads and to provide greater flexibility. This is especially important when axles are intended for use in street applications.

Strange axles endure an induction hardening process. This involves pulling the axle through powerful electrical coils that heat and quench the shaft, sequentially. This creates an extremely ductile axle because the case is hardened substantially while the core of the axle remains relatively soft. This type of induction hardening is used to treat all Strange premium alloy steel axles designed to survive the bending loads associated with street usage.

Strange axles are available for Dana 60, Ford 8.8-inch and Ford 9-inch, GM 10 and 12-bolt, ’57 to ’64 Oldsmobile, and Mopar 8.75-inch rear end configurations. Strange axles are recommended for use in positive traction, limited slip, and Detroit Locker style rear ends. Strange axles are CNC machined to custom lengths and available with 28, 30, 31, 33, or 35-splines. Strange axle shafts with 31 splines, or less, are recommended for street applications, while axles with 33 or 35-splines are geared towards off-road and racing applications. In any case, maximum usable axle thickness is recommended for optimum durability and longevity.

Custom made for your performance street or racing vehicle, Strange axles are manufactured with a larger than stock axle bearing diameter area (1.563-inch). The Strange axle shoulder is designed to accept a radius ring that minimizes stress concentration in the area. It should be noted that with all the heat treatment, Strange Engineering does all of its machine work on the splines prior to heat treatment. That allows for consistent heat treat depth, leading to a stronger axle. Some companies heat-treat the materials before the splines are machined into the axle, which causes it to be weaker despite the shiny look.

Despite the fact that Strange 28-spline and 30-spline axles are much stronger than OEM axles, larger Strange axles are a minimum of 38 percent stronger. If you plan to make a differential carrier change in your street machine, Strange strongly recommends that you choose to upgrade factory-sized axles to at least a Strange 31 spline axle and carrier configuration. The price of the 31 spline axle components is no more than the 28 or 30 spline and the benefits are immeasurable. This will yield a stronger and more durable rear end. Strange alloy axles are pre-drilled and tapped according to your choice of bolt circle and fastener type.

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