Strange Ultra & Billet Case Installation Kit Using Tapered Bearing Support & 35 Spline Pro Gear Support Races Are Not Included


Part Number: R5238UC

Ultra Case tapered bearing supports – N1950A / N1950AD
Billet Case tapered bearing supports – N1950AB / N1950AC
Installing 35 spline Pro gear

Support Races Are Not Included

Kit Includes

Front and rear pinion bearings – N1936 / N2001F
Side bearings and races – D1590 or D1592
Tail bearing – N1943
Pinion seal – N1961
Pinion support o-ring – N1950B
Flanged pinion nut – N1922B
Solid machinable pinion preload spacer – N1924A or N1921B
Pinion depth shim kit – N1962UC
ARP ring gear bolts – N1975 & N1976, D2004B & N1950K, or N1973

Billet Cases Do Not Use Ring Gear Bolt Washers

Information Required

Case Type
Ultra Case / Billet Case

Bore Size – Ultra Case Only
3.250″ / 3.812″

For 4.00″ bore Ultra Case – Please call

For Strange Spool
Steel or Aluminum

For Other Spools
The ring gear bolts supplied are designed for a flange thickness of .375″ to .447″
If your spool exceeds .447″, the ring gear bolts may be be too short
Specify if using an aluminum spool

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Ultra Case installation kit for tapered pinion support & 35 spline pinion- No support races

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