Pro Carbon Completion Kit - 5" B.C.
For P1020 Axle Package - No Caliper Mounts


Part Number: C18105NBUC

Carbon Brake Completion Kit
For Strange 2 Piece Axle Package – P1020
Using 5″ Bolt Circle

Supplies Remainder Of Brake Components
Caliper mounts are supplied in axle package

New Caliper Mounts Required When Changing From Steel Brakes
Call for further information

The Ultimate in Drag Race Braking Performance
• Maximum rotational weight reduction
• Impervious to brake fade
• Extremely rigid billet aluminum calipers
• Two piece air gap piston design limits heat transfer
• Inner piston machined from billet stainless steel
• More resistant to deflection than stamped stainless steel
• Outer piston composed of hard anodized aluminum
• Provides exceptional wear characteristics
• Insulates brake fluid from extreme temperatures
• Eliminates heat shields & shims
• 1 3/4″ diameter pistons ensure proper clamping force
• Provides consistent braking with a firm pedal feel

• 11″ carbon rotors – C1790
• Ultra Lite billet aluminum rotor hats
• Aluminum retaining rings with FHSCS screws
• Billet aluminum 4 piston carbon brake calipers – B5042
• Carbon brake pads – L4050H1 / L4050H2
• Caliper mounting bolts, washers & alignment shims

Brake Hoses & Lines Are Not Included
Calipers are tapped 1/8″ NPT and supplied with male 3 AN fittings


Pro carbon 5″ bolt circle completion kit- No caliper mounts