Strange Two Piece Pro Stock Axle Package With Caliper Mounts For Strange Brakes


Part Number: P1020

Designed for applications where housing flex may occur during a hard launch
Features a double row ball bearing that allows for misalignment without binding

The axle flange, a separate part with internal splines, mates to the axle’s outer splines
Captured between the axle flange and a step machined on the shaft is the axle bearing
Thus eliminating a pressed-on collar that can come loose and allow the axle to move
Movement of the axle would affect brake alignment and cause the brakes to drag

This kit address horsepower loss resulting from bearing bind and additional brake drag
Ensures saftey from catastrophic failure due to added stress on the bearing and flange

Package Includes
300M Axle Shafts
• Vanadium, low carbon, high manganese, high nickel, and high molybdenum steel
• Majority of machining performed before heat treat to provide consistent hardness
• .875″ ID hole bored entire length
• Bearing shoulder machined as part of shaft
• Outer end splined to mate with axle flange and threaded to accept retaining nut
• Thru hardened to Rc 50-52 to maximize the material’s torsional strength
• Finish machined, including entire shaft, after heat treat to ensure accuracy
• 40 spline with 45º pressure angle on the spool end
• 45 spline on axle flange end
• Black oxide finish to resist corrosion
• Material made in the USA
• Designed and machined by Strange Engineering

Independent Axle Flanges
• Machined from 4142 chrome moly steel
• Ultra Lite milled flange to minimize weight
• Choice of 4 3/4″ or 5″ bolt circle
• 45 spline mates to outer splines of axle shaft

Double Row Ball Bearing – WJBB
• Large 3.543″ OD / 1.968″ ID bearing provides increased load capacity
• Design allows for articulation between the inner and outer race
• Ball bearing offers less friction than spherical roller bearing
• Eliminates the possibility of binding which consumes horsepower

Bearing Cartridge
• Machined from 2024-T351 billet aluminum
• Ensures roundness of bearing bore by being independent of welding process
• Requires special housing ends – Sold below

Choice of Caliper Mounts- For Strange steel or carbon brakes
• Machined from 2024-T351 billet aluminum
• One piece design eliminates spacers & bolts that require periodic maintenance
• Designed to use Strange rotors, calipers, and pads

Additional Parts Included
• Axle flange retaining nuts and locking rings with screws
• Axle seals
• Caliper mount o-rings
• Cartridge o-rings & screws

5/8″-18 Stud Kit- A1037MD
• Chrome moly studs with .875″ long shank
• .250″ wide anti-marring/spacer washers
• Includes thin head self locking inner nuts & flanged lug nuts

Additional Parts
Housing ends for P1020………………………….. L5500SBB
Steel brake completion kit………………………. B1711NBM
Carbon brake completion kit  4 3/4″ BC….. C18104NBUC
Carbon brake completion kit  5″ BC………… C18105NBUC

This product is only available from an Authorized Strange Dealer or Factory Direct Call - 800-646-6718 or Email Us


2 Piece Pro Stock axle kit for L5500SBB housing ends & Strange brake components

Parts List and Installation Guide pdf File

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