Strange Two Piece Pro Stock Axle Package
With Caliper Mounts For Strange Brakes


Part Number: P1020

Drag Race Cars Experiencing Housing Flex During Launch

Axle flange independent of the shaft
Double row ball bearing that allows for misalignment
Mechanically locked bearing eliminates a press collar

Address horsepower loss due to axle bearing bind
Provides safety from catastrophic bearing and axle failure


300M Axle Shafts
• Vanadium, high nickel and high molybdenum steel
• Increases torsional strength and material toughness
• Manganese added to improve hardness consistency
• Majority of machining performed before heat treat
• .875″ I.D. hole bored entire length of axle shaft
• Bearing shoulder machined as part of the shaft
• Outer end splined to mate with axle flange
• Threaded to accept retaining nut
• Thru hardened to Rc 50-52
• Finish machined after heat treat
• Includes full length of shaft to ensure trueness
• Fits 40 spline spool with 45º pressure angle
• Black oxide finish to resist corrosion
• Material made in the USA
• Designed and machined by Strange Engineering

Independent Axle Flanges
• Machined from 4142 chrome moly steel
• Ultra Lite milled flange to minimize weight
• Choice of 4 3/4″ or 5″ bolt circle
• 45 spline mates to outer splines of axle shaft

Double Row Ball BearingWJBB
• Large 3.543″ OD / 1.968″ ID bearing
• Provides increased load capacity
• Allows articulation between the inner and outer race
• Ball bearing reduces friction
• Eliminates binding which consumes horsepower

Bearing Cartridge
• Machined from 2024-T351 billet aluminum
• Ensures roundness of bearing bore
• Remains independent of welding process
• Requires special housing ends – Sold below

Choice of Caliper Mounts
• Machined from 2024-T351 billet aluminum
• One piece design eliminates parts that require maintenance
• Designed to use Strange rotors, calipers, and pads
• Specify steel or carbon brakes

Additional Parts Included
• Axle flange retaining nuts
• Locking rings and screws
• Axle seals
• Caliper mount O-rings
• Cartridge O-rings & screws

5/8″ Stud KitA1037MD
• Chrome moly studs
• .875″ long shank
• .250″ wide aluminum spacer washers
• Thin head self locking nuts & flanged lug nuts

Housing ends – L5500SBB

Brake Completion Kits
Steel brakes – B1711NBM
Carbon 4 3/4″ BC brakes – C18104NBUC
Carbon 5″ BC brakes – C18105NBUC

This product is only available from an Authorized Strange Dealer or Factory Direct Call - 800-646-6718 or Email Us


2 Piece Pro Stock axle kit for L5500SBB housing ends & Strange brake components

Parts List and Installation Guide pdf File

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