Will Your Brake Kit Bolt Right In, Or Will I Need Other Parts ?

Our brake kits do not include hoses or lines. The calipers have a male 3AN fitting which can be removed to reveal a tapped 1/8″NPT hole. Drag Race cars will typically strip the entire brake system and start from scratch. The OEM proportioning / combination valve was only correct as the vehicle as it left […]

I Heard That New Brakes Have To Be Bedded. Whats The Right Procedure ?

New brakes should always be bed. During this process, brake pad material is transferred to the rotor surface. This creates the actual wear surface and protects the rotor. The heat generated will finish the curing process of the brake pad. Common problems associated without bedding are heavily scored rotors, pads cracking or chunks of material […]

What’s The Difference Between Street & Drag Race Brakes ?

Stock brakes are made to safely perform under normal conditions. These brakes are inherently heavy since cast iron is relatively inexpensive and premium materials would significantly add to the cost of production. When a vehicle is used outside the manufactures recommendations, upgrading the brakes is often necessary. Street or Street / Track cars with performance […]

Can I Use Drum Brakes For Racing ?

Maybe. It all depends on the type of racing, vehicle weight, and speed. Some Drag racers like to use them since they have good starting line holding capabilities. Since they are hydraulic and also use mechanical advantage, they can hold a car on the starting line pretty well. If the vehicle isn’t very fast, has […]

What Are The Advantages Of Disc Brakes ?

The main advantage is the ability to dissipate heat. Secondary is the availability of many component options. Drum brake systems have the friction material and surface area located inside the drum. The majority of the heat created is absorbed by the drum and radiated to the atmosphere. There is very little air flow inside the […]

Which Rear Brake Kit Should I Buy ?

  STRANGE BRAKE KITS ARE DESIGNED FOR DRAG RACING Heat dissipation is insufficient for other uses Pro Series Heavy Duty Brake Kit For an example of this kit see B1700WCThis kit comes with 11.250″ one piece forged slotted steel rotors (B2792 / B2793), four piston aluminum calipers with choice of pads (B1850 / B1855), one […]

Which Front Brake Kit Should I Buy ?

STRANGE BRAKE KITS ARE DESIGNED FOR DRAG RACING Heat dissipation is insufficient for other uses Replacing the front brakes is a great way to trim weight off the front end to assist in weight transfer. This can mean a savings of 40 lbs or more. Drag Race vehicles need to be proportioned quite differently than […]