Stock brakes are made to safely perform under normal conditions. These brakes are inherently heavy since cast iron is relatively inexpensive and premium materials would significantly add to the cost of production. When a vehicle is used outside the manufactures recommendations, upgrading the brakes is often necessary.

Street or Street / Track cars with performance upgrades have many options. They can increase stopping ability and heat dissipation by use of larger vented rotors, special calipers & brake pad materials. For these applications, we carry a line of Wilwood brake kits such as the B2708WC / B2709WC.

Drag Race cars need to hold a car on the starting line and safely stop at the end of the run. Manufacturers of Drag Race brakes will take advantage of this by drastically reducing weight of the brake components. This will include lightened rotors and extensive use of aluminum components such as calipers, mounts, hubs & other parts. For an example of these kits, see B4110WC / B1700WC. These reductions in weight & mass account for the unsuitability of Drag Race brake kits for other uses.

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