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Replacing the front brakes is a great way to trim weight off the front end to assist in weight transfer. This can mean a savings of 40 lbs or more. Drag Race vehicles need to be proportioned quite differently than a street car. The tires with the best adhesion to the pavement need to do most of the effort. Typically, this means the rear brakes. So if the main issue is difficulty in stopping, it might be a system problem or inadequate rear brakes.

Pro Series Heavy Duty Brake Kit
This is the most common front kit we sell. It’s designed for vehicles weighing 2,600 lbs or more. It comes with 11.250″ one piece forged slotted steel rotors (B2795 / B2796), four piston aluminum calipers (B1850), caliper mounts, billet aluminum hubs, Timken® bearing & races and mounting hardware. Many will chose this kit for vehicles weighing less than 2,600 lbs due to the extra clamping force and extend pad life over the Medium Duty kits.

Pro Series II Heavy Duty Brake Kit

Same as above, but features our two piece floating rotor design (B2794L / B2794R). The hat section is billet aluminum with an external lug design. The slotted steel rotor has mating internal lugs and retained by a outer ring. This allows the rotor to expand and contract independently as temperatures elevate during heavy braking, significantly reducing the tendency for rotor cupping. This might be a consideration for those using front tires with a large contact area and also heavier line pressures on the front brakes. There is an option to upgrade to stainless steel floating rotors (B2794LS / B2794RS). This material is able to maintain integrity at even higher temperatures.

Pro Series Medium Duty Brake Kit / Pro Series II
All components remain the same as the kits described above, but are equipped with two piston calipers (B1825). These kits are for vehicles weighing less than 2,600 lbs and using bolt-on wheels.

Pro Series Lightweight Brake Kit / Pro Series II
These kits are designed for Spindle Mount wheels which have the hub as an integral part of the wheel. Since they use tires with a small contact patch, they shouldn’t be run with a lot of front brake pressure. Therefore, the kit is made as light as possible in a steel rotor design. It has 10″ one piece forged slotted steel rotors (B2780 / B2781 or B2782 / B2783), single piston caliper kit (B1816), caliper mounts & mounting hardware. Since the wheel manufacturer designed the hubs, the bearings, races & seals are not supplied in our kit. The Pro Series II includes the same components, but with 10″ floating rotor assemblies (B2786L / B2786R). Stainless steel is not an option as the brakes will not see extreme pressures and temperatures.

Carbon Lightweight Brake Kit
This kit is similar in design to the Lightweight Pro Series II. Mainly for vehicles where maximum weight reduction is a priority, or that rules mandate it’s use. Since carbon brakes when cold don’t offer the same coefficient of friction as steel brakes, steps are necessary to ensure it will hold the vehicle on the starting line. This include using 2″ pistons to increase clamping force, reinforcing the calipers to maintain rigidity, and increasing the rotor diameter to 11″ to gain mechanical advantage.

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