Our brake kits do not include hoses or lines. The calipers have a male 3AN fitting which can be removed to reveal a tapped 1/8″NPT hole. Drag Race cars will typically strip the entire brake system and start from scratch. The OEM proportioning / combination valve was only correct as the vehicle as it left the factory. It may contain valves that cause the new brakes to drag, or limit the capabilities of your new brakes. Typically, flexible 3AN stainless steel lines are used at the calipers, 3/16″ hard line along the chassis single flared to 37º and 3AN fittings to suit the remainder of the components. The brake pedal ratio needs to be checked to select the proper master cylinder, and an adjustable proportioning valve should be used. I some instances, a 2 lbs or 10 lbs residual pressure valve(s) may be required.

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