Pro Series 4 Piston Directional Caliper Kit With Hard Metallic Brake Pads & Mounting Hardware


Part Number: B1855

Designed Specifically For Drag Racing

Application – Strange Pro Series Brake Kits

Kit Includes
Four Piston Aluminum Directional Calipers with Stainless Steel Pistons – B5002 / B5004
– Aluminum bodies drastically reduce weight
– Pistons are 1.625″ & 1.750″ to vary pressure on the pads decreasing pad taper
– Stainless steel pistons are corrosion resistant
– Anti-rattle clips reduce brake pad vibration and noise

Bolt Kit
– Four 3/8″-24 x 1.125″ grade 8 bolts
– Four 3/8″ ID .125″ thick washers
– Sixteen 3/8″ ID .025″ thick stainless steel alignment shims

Hard Metallic Brake Pad – B5020
– Provides high resistance to brake fade
– Recommended for vehicles going over 150 MPH in the 1/4 mile
– Maintains decent starting-line cold holding capabilities
– May leave pad residue on rotors that requires removal when pads are changed

Brake Hoses and Lines Are Not Included
Calipers are tapped 1/8″ NPT and supplied with male 3 AN fittings
Use Teflon® tape or liquid on the 1/8″ NTP threads of the fitting.
Leave a few threads from the tip uncoated to avoid depositing material inside.
Torque to 25 ft lbs.


Four piston directional caliper kit with hard metallic pads (For Pro series steel brake kits)

Parts List and Installation Guide pdf File