Mopar Bolt-in Shocks

Strange Engineering aluminum bolt-in shocks are based on the proven coil-over technology that has been relied on by racers for years. The lightweight aluminum construction make tuning the suspension easy by locating the adjuster knob(s) at the bottom of the shock body. The wide range of valving allows each shock to be utilized in street, strip and road race applications and comes with high quality mounting hardware to handle the most demanding of applications. Strange Engineering aluminum bodied bolt-in shocks are available for popular domestic applications and a select amount of imports. Available in both single and double adjustable configurations, these shocks can also be customized to specific lengths, strokes and valving by Strange’s talented staff on our in house shock dyno.

  Front Shock Rear Shock
DODGE Single Adj Double Adj Single Adj Double Adj
Challenger 1970-1974   S5281 S5081 S5282 S5082
Drag Race Only   2008-2010     S5085  
Charger /
1965-1972   S5281 S5081 S5282 S5082
  1973-1976   S5283 S5083 S5282 S5082
Dart /
Swinger / Demon
1962-1976   S5281 S5081 S5262 S5062
Pick-up Truck – 4WD Only 1982-1991   S5263 S5063    
Barracuda 1964-1974   S5281 S5081 S5282 S5082
Belvedere /
1962-1972   S5281 S5081 S5282 S5082
  1973-1974   S5283 S5083 S5282 S5082
Duster /
Valiant / Scamp
1960-1976   S5281 S5081 S5282 S5082
Fury 1962-1964   S5281 S5081 S5282 S5082
  1965-1978       S5282 S5082