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Strange Low Drag Hub Kit
For GM COPO Camaro


Part Number: B4181LD

Upgrade For GM COPO Camaro   (Not Intended For Street Use)
Due to the class that these vehicles must compete, it’s necessary to take advantage of any edge available.
This hub kit was designed specifically for this level of competition.

Pre 2018 COPO Camaros can further benefit by use of our billet calipers featuring high retraction pistons.
Rotors showing any signs of warpage should be upgraded to two piece rotors used in current COPO vehicles.

Reduced Drag
• 0.5 inch lbs breakaway torque
  (One eight of stock COPO breakaway)

Weight Reduction
• Assemblies 5.8 lbs per side
  (Almost 3 lbs less per side than stock)


Kit Includes

Billet Aluminum Hub Housings
• Maintains strength while reducing weight
• Clear anodized to resist corrosion

4 3/4″ B.C. Hy-Tuff Flanges
• Same material as Pro Race axles
• Pocket milled & core drilled for maximum weight reduction

Precision Fit Angular Contact Ball Bearings
• Low drag bearings with minimal preload
• Lubricated with lightweight low viscosity oil

Also Includes
• Low drag seals
• 1/2″-20 x 2″ wheel studs with washers
• Inner spindle nut, retainer, keyed washer, cotter pin & cap

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Kit instructions

Parts List and Installation Guide


Strange Low Drag Hub Kit For COPO Camaro

Additional information

Weight 43.35 lbs