Strange Pro Series Rear Brake Kit For 1986-1993 Mustang OEM Ends With Slotted Rotors, Four Piston Calipers & Soft Metallic Pads


Part Number: B1714WC

Designed Specifically For Drag Racing
Rear brake kit for OEM 1986-1993 Mustang 8.8 housing ends
Fits Strange axles using 1/2″ or 5/8″ screw-in wheel studs and 5 lug bolt pattern*
Compatible with Strange C-clip eliminator kit
Brake offset = 2.500″

* Call for 4 lug applications- Available at an additional cost

This Strange rear brake kit includes:
Forged One Piece Slotted Steel Rotors
– Superior strength without the concerns of bolts loosening or hats cracking
– Slots improve air flow, assist in warpage prevention, and reduce weight

Four Piston Aluminum Directional Calipers with Stainless Steel Pistons
– Aluminum bodies drastically reduce weight
– Pistons are 1.625″ & 1.750″ to vary pressure on the pads decreasing pad taper
– Stainless steel pistons are corrosion resistant
– Anti-rattle clips reduce brake pad vibration and noise

Billet Aluminum Caliper Mounts
– One piece design eliminates spacers & bolts that require periodic maintenance

Soft Metallic Brake Pads
– Provides the best starting-line cold holding power
– Recommended for vehicles going 150 MPH or less in the 1/4 mile

Need More Wheel Clearance?
Low Profile Caliper Option…………… OPRB10

Want Billet Calipers?
Red or Black Billet Caliper Option… OPRB07

With Other Brake Pads
Hard metallic….. B1714WCM

Brake hoses and lines are not included
Calipers are tapped 1/8″ NPT and supplied with male 3 AN fittings

This product is only available from an Authorized Strange Dealer or Factory Direct Call - 800-646-6718 or Email Us


Ford 8.8 rear brake kit for OEM 86-93 Mustang 8.8 ends with soft metallic pads

A considerable amount of weight is eliminated in the steel hat area. The Strange rotor is only .125” thick in the mounting surface and has additional lightening holes on the side and top of the hat. The slotted rotor is lighter than OEM and most other aftermarket rotors.

The one piece design eliminates mounting bolts that conduce binding and require constant torquing and/or cumbersome safety wire. It provides superior dissipation of heat created by braking- due to one integral design. It accommodates several axle bolt circles. It can be re-surfaced to eliminate brake pad material build-up.

4-Piston Directional Caliper

Lightweight aluminum calipers allow pad loading and wear to be balanced against the natural changing temperatures across the pad face. Coupled with superior Strange caliper bridge-bolt strength, the dissimilar piston sizes allow for optimum braking, feel, and more consistent pad wear. The caliper also features anti-rattle clips and stainless steel pistons that are corrosion resistant.

This Ford 8.8 rear brake kit fits OEM 1986-1993 Mustang 8.8 housing ends with 2.50″ of backspacing. It must be used with Strange Mustang C-Clip Eliminator Kit (A1090)

Parts List and Installation Guide pdf File

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