2005-2014 Mustang Rear End Assembly
Pro Iron Center With Spool & Standard Gear
Includes Housing & Race Axle Package

Call for Price

Drag Race Rear End Assembly
Example only as there are many possible combinations

A complete 9″ cost is determined by the sum of it’s components
It’s a combination of the housing, axle package and center section
When ordered as a complete rear, it will arrive as an assembly *

Ford 9″ Bolt-in Housing For 2005-2014 Mustang – HF9M05ME
Choice of width and housing ends

Pro Race Axle Package – P1008
35 spline axles, bearings, retainer plates, and wheel studs

Pro Iron Center Section – PRF105
Lightweight steel spool with standard gear with choice of ratio

Professionally Welded and Assembled
Crated at no additional charge

Related Components
Drum brake kit…………… B1606
Disc brake kit …………. B1706WC

* Note
Additional charge to install brake kit is $25