Ford 9" Bolt-In Rear End With Leaf Spring Mounts
Series Iron Center Section With Differential
Includes Housing & Alloy Axle Package

Call for Price

Street Rear End Assembly
Example only as there are many possible combinations

A complete 9″ cost is determined by the sum of it’s components
It’s a combination of the housing, axle package and center section
When ordered as a complete rear, it arrives as an assembly *

* Unless requested otherwise

Ford 9″ Housing With Leaf Spring MountsHF9LE
Choice of width, pinion offset, housing ends, and leaf spring mounts

Alloy Axle PackageP3104
31 spline axles, bearings, retainer plates, and wheel studs

S-Series Iron Center SectionPRF130
Clutch style posi unit with choice of gear ratio

Professionally welded and assembled
Crated at no additional charge

Drum brake kit – B1606
Disc brake kit – B2709WC

There’s a nominal charge to install brake kit


Strange Ford 9 inch Rear End Complete with Iron Center Section, Differential Alloy Axles, and Leaf Spring Mounts

Strange Engineering has designed improvements to the Ford 9 inch rear ends for the automotive industry. One such application is the Strange 9 inch rear end for Leafspring Applications that includes mounts, ends, fill, drain, & vent.

Strange has increased the strength of the Ford 9 inch in several different ways. The Strange 9 inch housing is a semi-floating, drop-out axle. Because of its strength you will see these 9 inch rear ends in just about every make of car, not just Fords.

This 9 inch Rear End has internal gussets provide rigidity and support axle tubes.
Slots allow exceptional weld contact of housing to tubes. Extended cover allows clearance for 9″ and 9 1/2″ gear sets

The Ford 9 inch housing has a vast amount of ford 9 inch gear ratios available. This combined with easy assembly makes it popular for fine tuning your rear gear for any particular need. Strange Engineering is the most recognized name in the aftermarket industry when it comes to Ford 9 inch rears. From high performance street cars to Pro Mod, Strange Ford 9 inch housings are relied on by more racers than all other manufacturers combined.

S-Series Nodular Iron Third Member with Differential, and 1350 Series Yoke.
Strange’s radial rib design significantly increases the rigidity of the case Strange Engineering’s own blend of nodular iron contains more bonding additive which increases material strength by 8-10%. Coupled with strategical reinforcements to the pinion support area, tail bearing pocket, and main caps, it exceeds the strength of the factory nodular case.

The 3.062” bore case will fit all differentials and spools from 28 to 33 spline. The 3.250” will fit 35 spline differentials and spools, and 40 spline spools requiring a 3.250” bore case. The pricing allows an individual to purchase a new upscale case at a price of a used and fatigued factory part.

Ford 9 inch Differential
With the package Strange Engineering offers a clutch Style 28 or 31 Spline Differential posi units to suit the your Ford 9 inch rear end.Upgrades available to posi units; Tru-Trac, S-Trac, Lockers, etc.

Popular Ford, Mopar, and GM applications.

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