Strange 28, 30, & 31 Spline Alloy Axles - Pair


Part Number: A3100

Alloy axle packages are optimized for street & track use
See our Hy-Tuf axles for maximum torsional strength for all out Drag Racing

Strange 28, 30, & 31 Spline Alloy Axles
– Forged from modified 1550 premium steel
– Majority of machining performed before heat treat to provide consistent hardness
– Induction hardened to Rc 58-62 to increase torsional strength while remaining ductile
– Finish machined after heat treat to ensure accuracy
– Choice of 28 up to 31 spline
– Lengths up to 34 1/2″
– Choice of bolt circle
– Forged in the USA
– Designed and machined by Strange Engineering

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With Axle Bearings & Studs
P3102 / P310258

With Axle Bearings, Studs, & Spool
P3102S / P310258S

With Axle Bearings, Retainer Plates, & Studs
P3104 / P310458

With Axle Bearings, Retainer Plates, Studs, & Spool
P3104S / P310458S

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Custom Axles

With an approximate 2-day turnaround time, each Strange forged alloy steel custom axle is manufactured to your exact specifications.

To provide greater flexibility, Strange alloy axles are CNC precision machined from premium forged alloy steel and are induction hardened to resist bending loads. When axles are intended for use in street applications, this type of heat treat is crucial to ensure a strong axle that can be safely utilized in this environment.

We Cut Before Heat Treatment, Not After.

We can not stress enough the importance that Strange Engineering does all of its machine work on the axle splines prior to heat treatment. This allows for consistent heat treat depth, leading to a stronger axle. Be aware that many companies heat-treat the materials before the splines are machined into the axle which causes them to have a shiny appearance.

Strange axles are manufactured with a large bearing area diameter (1.563-inch) for additional strength. To minimize stress concentration, the Strange axle shoulder is designed with an extra large radius and utilizes a adaptive ring. As one side mates to the large radius, the other provides a positive stop for the axle bearing.


28 Spine axle applications: Chevy 10 bolt, Ford 8.8 and Ford 9 in.

30 Spine axle applications: Chevy 12 bolt and Mopar 8 3/4

31 Spine axle applications: Ford 8.8 and Ford 9 in.

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