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Strange Single Fast Fill Master Cylinder


Part Number: B3362NR

Dragsters and some Funny Cars that use twin systems

Forged aluminum stepped bore master cylinder
Design provides short handle travel with less effort

Fast Fill Master Cylinder
– Billet aluminum body
– Clear anodized for corrosion resistance
– 1.122″ primary bore moves a large volume of fluid
– .777″ secondary bore applies high pressure
– Internal pop-off valve regulates transition
– Brake line banjo fitting with male 3 AN end
– 3 AN brake fluid inlet fitting
– Integral vertical mounting flange
– 21/64″ holes on 2.250″ center

Silicone Brake Fluid Is Not Recommended


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Parts List and Installation Guide pdf File


Dragster master cylinder with .777 inch primary bore (no reservoir)

Additional information

Weight 1.00 lbs