Pinion Yokes

Since you are going with a top-quality drag racing driveshaft, now is an excellent time to upgrade my pinion yoke to the larger 1350 or 1480-Series size.
Strange Pinion Yokes are all made with pride in the U.S.A. All are forged from the highest quality components and manufactured to stringent tolerances. Strange Pinion Yokes are the strongest and most durable yokes in the industry.

Strange S-Series Pinion Yoke
The Strange S-Series Pinion Yoke is fully heat treated for maximum tensile strength. Made from top-tier nodular iron castings, this yoke is economical and strong. Were I building a street/strip car or a cruiser, I would have certainly considered the Strange S-Series Pinion Yoke.

Strange Chrome Moly Pinion Yoke
Made from heat treated 4140 chrome moly steel, this Strange Pinion Yoke has extra surface area for increased strength. Strange Chrome Moly Pinion Yokes are manufactured to accommodate the Strange Magnetic Pick-Up Collar. This pinion yoke has extra chrome moly in critical areas, and it is finished with a black oxide.

Strange Chromed and Polished Pinion Yoke
Also manufactured from 4140 chrome moly steel, with additional steel in critical areas, this pinion yoke is chrome-plated and polished to a beautiful luster. Pretty and super-strong – sounds like the ticket for me.

Strange Aluminum Pinion Yoke
Made with an integral steel splined washer, the Strange Aluminum Pinion Yoke is an excellent choice where minimum weight is desired. This yoke, made from spacecraft grade 7075-T651 aluminum, has a black anodized finish. It should not be used with extreme horsepower applications.

Strange Billet Pinion Yoke
Made from billet chrome moly 4340 steel, the Strange Billet Pinion Yoke is fitted to the huge 1480-Series u-joint. This is an ultra-strong pinion yoke with a black oxide finish.

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