Ford 9" 3.50 Pro Gear with 35 Spline Pinion US/Strange Gear - Produced in USA


Part Number: RP07990350US

Designed For Drag Racing Only

Pro Gears may be necessary when tooth breakage occurs with Standard gear sets
Produced from a softer material, the teeth can flex as opposed to crack and break

The life expectancy can vary anywhere from 15 to 300 runs depending on the vehicle
If a Standard gear provided acceptable life, a Pro gear may not be the right choice

Machined From 9310 Forged Steel
Heat Treated to Optimize Material Properties
Matched Ring & Pinion Set

Ring Gear
– 9″ OD
– Tooth count 35
– 10 bolt holes in each bolt size
– 7/16″-20 RH threads & 1/2″-20 RH threads

– 35 spline shaft
– Tooth count 10
– 1″-14 RH threads

35 Spline Pinions Require Capable Pinion Supports
Will Not Fit OEM Or Daytona Style Supports

Unsure about your application?
Please contact a Strange Sales Associate to discuss your vehicle


Using Tapered Bearing Pinion Support
HD Pro & Drag race…….. R5238 / R5238WR
Ultra & Billet cases…. R5238UC / R5238UCR

Using Ball Bearing Pinion Support
HD Pro & Drag Race…… R5238B / R5238BR
Ultra & Billet cases… R5238UCB / R5238UCBR

This product is only available from an Authorized Strange Dealer or Factory Direct Call - 800-646-6718 or Email Us


US Strange / Ford 9″ / 3.50 pro / 35 spline pinion