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Strange Aluminum Coil-Over Shock
Single Adjustable with 8.14" Stroke


Part Number: S5209


Drag Race Vehicles

Short Stroke
2.62″ thru 3.86″ – A-Arm Systems

3.86″ – Some Dragster 4-Link Systems

Long Stroke
4.64″ thru 8.15″ – 4-Link & Ladder Bar Systems


Single Adjustable Coil-Over Shock
Sold as each

Dimension A

Stroke 8.14″ / Extended 22.40″ / Compressed 14.25″

With .563″ Bump Rubber Installed
Stroke 7.587″ / Compressed 14.813″

Recommended Ride Height

17″ – 20″

Accepts 14″ or 16″ x 2.5″ ID spring – Sold separately


• Lightweight aluminum body
• External adjustment knob
• Provides 10 extension settings
• Allows quick adjustments for varying conditions
• Coil-over design permits easy changes to ride height
• 1.00″ wide high misalignment spherical rod ends
• Ability to be rebuilt or revalved


– .500″ or 1.500″ wide spherical bearings
– Polyurethane bushings with steel sleeves *
– Upper stud mount with rubber cushions *
– Custom valving *

* To Order Shock With These Options Please Call
   Not available for online orders

Rear Shock Adjustments

Ladder Bar Systems
Below assumes rear chassis separation

Softer – Allows more downward force applied to the rear tires
Stiffer – Enables quicker reaction times

4-Link Systems
Below assumes rear chassis compression

Softer – Improves stability encountering bumps in the track
Stiffer – Delays the return to normal ride height during launch

Rotating Knob Clockwise Stiffens Valving

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Strange 8.14″ single adjustable shock: (Spring sold separately)

Additional information

Weight 5.2 lbs