Strange Double Adjustable Shock Package
4.64" Stroke - Includes Springs & Spring Seat Bearing Kit


Part Number: S5005

Double Adjustable Shock Package
Designed specifically for Drag Racing

Double Adjustable ShocksS5005A
• Lightweight aluminum body
• 10 extension & compression settings
• Provides a wide range of control
• Easily accessible independent external adjustment knobs
• Allows quick adjustments for varying conditions
• Rotating knobs clockwise stiffens valving
• Coil-over design simplifies changes to ride height
• .563″ bumper height
• 1″ wide Teflon lined high misalignment spherical bearings
• Ability to be rebuilt or revalved

1/2″ & 1 1/2″ Wide Bearings Are Available
• Non-stocked – Please allow additional time for shipping
• 1/2″ wide rod ends are not considered high misalignment

Dimension A
Without bumper
• 15.40″ extended
• 10.76″ compressed
• 4.64″ stroke

Dimension A
With bumper installed
• 15.40″ extended
• 11.323″ compressed
• 4.077″ stroke

Recommended Ride Height
• 12.625″ – 13.250″

Hyperco Springs (Blue) or Eibach Springs (Red or Silver)
• 12″ x 2.50″ I.D.
• Choice of spring rate
• Powder coated for corrosion resistance

Spring Manufacturer Dependent on Availability
If manufacturer or color is important, please specify
Not all rates are available in all three colors

Spring Seat Bearing KitS1409
• Eliminates binding
• Eases ride height adjustments

Spring seat adjuster wrench – S1413

  • Total


Double Adjustable Drag Racing Coilover Shocks with 4.64″ Stroke and Spring Kit

Strange Coilover Shocks for drag racing vehicles allow you to take back control of your radically modified drag race car in a lightweight aluminum package that is fully adjustable.

Strange Coilover Shocks bodies, eyelets, spring seats and adjuster nuts are precisely machined from aircraft quality aluminum before being assembled and inspected by the experts at Strange Engineering. After Strange Coil Over shocks are built; they are dyno tested to ensure proper valve seating and durability. Drag Racing Coil Over Shocks are designed in collaboration with NHRA chassis builders, Pro Mod Racers and World Champion Sportsman Class Racers. Most drag racers will find these shocks meet their requirements, but custom valving is also available.

Strange Aluminum Double Adjustable Coil-Over Shocks offer the same rebound adjustment as the single adjustable version and add the possibility of easily adjusting shock compression. Compression adjustments (bump) are accomplished by simply turning a knob. Teflon lined high misalignment bushings, Torrington Spring Seat Bearing plates, and Hyperco Springs are included with Strange Aluminum Double Adjustable Coil-Over Shocks. A Spanner Wrench (made specifically for Strange Coil Over Drag Shocks) is also available.

Parts List and Installation Guide pdf File

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