Eaton HD Clutch Style Differential - 4 Series Fits Chevy 12 Bolt Passenger Car With 30 Spline Axles


Part Number: R5086

Chevy 12 Bolt Passenger Car
Using a gear set requiring a 4 series carrier

Eaton Heavy Duty 30 Spline Posi Unit
A perfect replacement for worn-out OEM clutch differentials

• Heavy duty casting
• Carbon clutch packs
• Net-forged gears
• Smooth automatic operation
• Operates in forward & reverse

Gear Lube
Will adversely affect unit operation and void warranty

Use Petroleum Based 80W-90 or 85W-140 Gear Oil
Requires (1) 4 ounce bottle of limited-slip additive

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Hybrid axles with eliminator kit…….. P1011GOT


Eaton HD clutch GM 12 blt car / 30 spline / 01-088530 / 4.11-up

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