Strange Engineering live axle assemblies have been the standard among professional race teams for decades. The live axle assemblies utilize a single axle that runs from wheel to wheel providing superior strength and rigidity. There are 3 rear end combinations available for alcohol Funny-Cars and Dragsters. The Drop-Out live axle is an extremely lightweight and rigid rear end that is recommended for vehicles running 6.00 second ¼ mile time and slower. The 9”/9 ½” top loader has been designed for alcohol racers demanding strength and minimal rear end maintenance. The 10 ½” live axle offers the ultimate in strength for the alcohol ranks. It provides superior resistance to bending loads by utilizing a massive 2.750” O.D. Strange live axle design to absorb the brunt of the abuse while supporting the housing resulting in extended gear life. The Strange 12” & 12 ¼” live axles are the finest rear ends available for Top Fuel and Funny cars. The main housing is unique in both design and material. The top load design coupled with the live axle provides an excellent structural base that maximizes gear life by reducing rear end distortion. The units feature magnesium tubes, magnesium cover, and 11.5” carbon brakes. All new 12” & 12 ¼” live axle rear come with a 3.20 ratio and a tail bearing to increase bearing and gear life.