Brake FAQs

What Brake Fluid Should I Use ?

We recommend DOT 4 or DOT 5.1 only, and stay away from silicone brake fluid. There are some Hi Temp versions of DOT 5.1 that offer higher protection against boiling the fluid. You must be careful with brake fluid as … Read More

When Do I Need A Residual Pressure Valve ?

In OEM vehicles, they are present in drum brake systems. 10 lbs of line pressure are required to keep the wheel cylinder cups expanded and ready to start moving the brake shoes. They were either located within the master cylinder … Read More

Do I Need a Proportioning Valve ?

Many believe you don’t need one, but your vehicle will never stop as good as it could. All factory cars came with them for a reason. Optimal braking occurs when all four tires want to lock-up at the same time. … Read More

What Brake Pressure Do I Need ?

Recommended brake pressure will normally get you in the ball park, but many factors will play a role in achieving optimal braking. There are all the different elements that exist between front and rear. Weight, tire height, width, compound, pressure, … Read More