Recommended brake pressure will normally get you in the ball park, but many factors will play a role in achieving optimal braking. There are all the different elements that exist between front and rear. Weight, tire height, width, compound, pressure, rotor diameter, number of pistons per caliper, piston diameter, brake pad area and compound. Always begin with the manufacture’s recommendation and adjust as needed.

The following suggestions are assuming that this is a Drag Race vehicle and you are using an adjustable proportioning valve, like our B3369, plumbed to the front brakes. To maximize braking, all four tires should want to lock-up at the same time. Many may choose not use this valve, but their braking will never be as good as they possibly could.

Front brakes 550-650 PSI / Rear brakes 1,000-1,200 PSI

These pressures should be achieved with a very hard push on the pedal, like your setting the line-lock. It will give you a comfortable pedal when your stopping the vehicle. If you don’t have pressure test gauge, take a look at the P2360.

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