11 1/2" Stainless Steel Rotor - LH Side
For 2013 & Newer Floater Kits
Also Strange Pro Mod Rear End


Part Number: F2056NL

Strange 2013 & Newer Floater Kits
Aluminum Pro Mod Floater Rear End

Equipped with stainless steel brakes – Left hand side
Replaces former carbon steel version

Can also be used to convert from carbon brakes
Other parts would be required – Call for details

• Stainless steel for maximum warpage resistance at high temperatures
• Cogs on rotor and hub engage and secured by retaining ring
• Design allows for expansion variances between aluminum & steel
• Clearance provided for axial and radial growth as temperatures increase
• Slots reduce rotating weight, control expansion, and increase air flow
• Rotor warping and coning tendencies are drastically reduced

11.500″ OD
.355″ thick
Wt= 5.3 Lb

Discard at .312″
Related Components

RH rotor……. F2056NR
Brake pad…… B5020

2012 & Older Floater Rotors

4 3/4″ & 5″ bolt circles…. F1268 / F1267
5 1/2″ bolt circle………….. F1266 / F1265


LH stainless steel floater rotor