GM 7.5 / 7.625 10 Bolt LPW Ultimate Support Cover
Accepts LPW Back Brace Kit


Part Number: R5219

GM 7.5″ / 7.625″ 10 Bolt Rear Ends

Thick Aluminum Casting
• Provides structural support to housing
• Improves gear life by reducing housing flex

Jack Screws
• Preloads main caps
• Raises the threshold where deflection would cause breakage

Back Brace Provision
• Allows use of optional back brace kit
• Back brace kit drastically reduces axle tube flex

Fill & Drain Plugs
• Simplifies fluid changes
• Makes cover removal unnecessary

Gasket Not Included
Silicone sealant is recommended

LPW axle tube brace kit – R5209
Gear installation kit – R5218


LPW Ultimate Support Cover For GM 7.5 / 7.625 10 Bolt – Accepts Brace Kit

The lightweight LPW High tensile aluminum alloy cover strengthens your rear housing from case distortion under load. It helps prevent ring gear deflection and provides extended gear life.

Two adjustable grade-8 bolts support and prevent both bearing main caps from movement and possible breakage. It offers increased fluid capacity, built-in fill and drain plugs, and magnetic drain plug.