Residual Pressure Valve - 10 Lbs


Part Number: B3367

Drum or Disc & Drum Brake Racing Systems
Using a disc brake master cylinder with drum or disc & drum brakes
Long pedal travel will be experienced without use of this valve

Retains 10 lbs of Line Pressure
Keeps wheel cylinder cups expanded and ready to move

Use in Brake Line Supplying Drum Brakes
Should be mounted as close to the master cylinder as possible

Don’t Use in Disc Brake Supply Lines
Will cause brakes to drag

Aluminum Body
• Red anodized for identification & corrosion resistance
• 1/8″ NPT inlet and outlet ports
• Includes 3/16″ inverted flare x 1/8″ NPT adapters

Disc Brakes Can Require a 2 lbs Valve
When Master Cylinder is Mounted Below Calipers
Keeps gravity from retracting caliper pistons

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External residual pressure valve / 10 lbs