Strange Double Adjustable Shock Package
Includes Spring Seat Bearing Kit & Springs


Part Number: S5002


Drag Race Vehicles
With front A-arm system


Double Adjustable Shock Package

Dimension A

Stroke 2.62″ / Extended 11.36″ / Compressed 8.74″

With .563″ Bump Rubber Installed
Stroke 2.057″ / Compressed 9.303″

Recommended Ride Height

10.00″ – 10.375″


Double Adjustable Shocks – S5002A
• Aluminum bodies
• Coil-over design
• Independent adjuster knobs
• 10 extension & compression settings
• High misalignment spherical bearings

Hyperco Springs (Blue) or Eibach Springs (Red or Silver)
• Choice of 7″ or 8″
• Selection of spring rate
• Powder coated for corrosion resistance

Spring Manufacturer Dependent on Availability
If manufacturer or color is important, please specify
Not all rates are available in all three colors

Spring Seat Bearing Kit – S1409
• Eliminates binding
• Eases ride height adjustments

Related Component

Spring seat adjuster wrench……… S1413



Strange Double Adjustable Coil over shock Package Double Adjustable Shocks with 2.62″ Stroke

Strange Drag Race aluminum coil-over shocks were developed with the help of several chassis builders, Pro-Mod racers, and World Champion Sportsman racers. The hard work culminated into a shock that is highly responsive, consistent, and can be easily adjusted to adapt to slight changes in atmospheric conditions.

Each Strange shock body, eyelets, spring seat and jam nut are fully machined from high-grade aluminum. Strange fully assembles and inspects each shock. The Strange dynamometer facility enables us to analyze shocks at all shaft speeds and continue our valve development to stay at the forefront of Drag Racing shock technology. The shocks incorporate a wide range of adjustments that suit most needs, but custom valving is always available.

Strange Aluminum Double Adjustable Shocks.

Double adjustable coil-over shocks are offered to drag racers requiring more control of the suspension system. The double adjustable shock offers all the benefits of the single adjustable shock, but also incorporates an additional knob for accurately adjusting compression (bump).

The ability to independently adjust both extension and compression allows the chassis tuner complete dampening control of the vehicle’s suspension. Strange double adjustable shock package include Teflon lined high mis-alignment bearings, spring seat bearings and Hyperco Springs. Hyperco springs are supplied to ensure consistent performance and alleviate additional problems that may be introduced with lesser grade springs.

Parts List and Installation Guide pdf File

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