The Strange Billet Case and billet pinion support offer an unmatched strength to weight combination to withstand the most brutal Drag Racing applications. The goal was to manufacture the finest billet case- regardless of material and process costs- and we have achieved that goal. The case is manufactured from 7075-T73 aerospace aluminum that offers superior strength and is highly resistant to stress corrosion. After initial rough machining, the case is vibratory stress relieved utilizing sub-harmonic vibrational energy. This process stabilizes the heavily machined aluminum before proceeding. Afterwards, it is solution heat treated and artificially overaged. This ensures consistent mechanical properties throughout the material. The .650” thick mounting flange coupled with the raised cross rib design provides a solid structure to maintain proper alignment of the ring and pinion. Unique wrap around style main caps enhance strength and stiffness. Each cap is retained by four AISI 8740 steel bullet end studs that have a 38% higher yield strength than typical chromoly, which allows for increased clamping loads, further enhancing cap rigidity. The tail bearing area has massive wall sections to firmly retain the oversized tail bearing that can withstand greater loads, and is secured by a custom steel retainer plate. A large oil scavenging channel directs additional lubrication to the billet pinion support. The billet case will accept 9 inch gears, 9 1/2”, and 10” development gear sets on aftermarket Ford 9 inch rear ends. For additional information please call Strange Engineering Today.

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