Why Are My Brake Pads Wearing Unevenly ?

Brake pads can wear unevenly for several reasons. I will be referring to the top of the pad as the area closest to the bridge bolt of the caliper. If top is wearing more than the bottom, the brake pressure might be too high causing the caliper to spread apart at it’s weakest point which […]

Why Do My Rotors Look So Bad Compared To When They Were New?

The most common reasons are the brakes where not bed or bedded improperly, brake pressure is too low, the front to rear proportioning is incorrect, the size or type of brakes are inadequate , brake pad material is insufficient, or not pulling the chute. New brakes should always be bed. During this process, brake pad […]

I Don’t Like The Feel Of The Brake Pedal, What Could Be Wrong ?

I assume that the pedal is either too hard, too soft, or has a lot of travel. I would check the brake pressure first. Use a temporary pressure gauge like our P2360 to measure pressure directly at each caliper. It would be best for the actual driver of the vehicle to push on the brake […]

Why Is My Brake Pedal Pulsating ?

The most common reason is one or more of the rotors is warped. If you also feel it in the steering wheel, the check the front first. More uncommon is that wheel bearings are loose, front tire pressure is too low, or you lost a wheel weight. First consider if everything was fine until you […]