Brakes FAQs

When Do I Need To Change My Brake Fluid ?

The brake fluid should be changed every year before the car is run for the season. Use either DOT 4 or DOT 5.1 and do not use silicone brake fluid. While in storage, condensation will accumulate in the system. One … Read More

When Should I Rebuild My Calipers ?

Calipers should be rebuilt when the pistons appear to be sticking, there is leakage, subject to excessive heat such as a fire, the brake fluid is dirty, or it has been several years since the last rebuild. Rebuilds are relatively … Read More

How Long Should My Pads & Rotors Last ?

It depends on vehicle weight, MPH, rotor to tire diameter, pad surface area and compound, number of caliper pistons, piston diameter, brake pressure, stopping distance, and any other assistance such as a chute. I’m not trying to be difficult, there’s … Read More