When Do I Need To Change My Brake Fluid ?

The brake fluid should be changed every year before the car is run for the season. Use either DOT 4 or DOT 5.1 and do not use silicone brake fluid. While in storage, condensation will accumulate in the system. One feature of brake fluid is the absorption of water. When replacing the fluid, you are […]

When Should I Rebuild My Calipers ?

Calipers should be rebuilt when the pistons appear to be sticking, there is leakage, subject to excessive heat such as a fire, the brake fluid is dirty, or it has been several years since the last rebuild. Rebuilds are relatively simple. Often it’s just an o-ring kit and cleaning. The pistons are stainless steel which […]

How Long Should My Pads & Rotors Last ?

It depends on vehicle weight, MPH, rotor to tire diameter, pad surface area and compound, number of caliper pistons, piston diameter, brake pressure, stopping distance, and any other assistance such as a chute. I’m not trying to be difficult, there’s just a lot of factors to consider. If the vehicle has four wheel disc brakes […]