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Double Adjustable Front Shock
1964-1973 Mustang


Part Number: S5045


1964-1973 Mustang


Double Adjustable Aluminum Shock
Front – Sold as each

Drag Racing
Softening extension allows for more weight transfer
Compression controls returns from wheel stands & reaction to bumps

Performance Street / Road Racing
Stiffening extension & compression reduces body roll
Enhances handling & cornering characteristics

Rotating Knobs Clockwise Stiffens Valving

Dimension A

Extended 12.85″ / Compressed 8.44″


• Lightweight aluminum body
• 10 extension & compression settings
• Provides a wide range of control
• Independent external adjustment knobs
• Allows tuning for varying conditions
• Custom valving available upon request
• Ability to be rebuilt or revalved


– Upper mounting plate with studs
– Lower stud with rubber cushions
– Concave washers & lock nut

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Ford Double Adjustable Front Shock

Additional information

Weight 3.60 lbs