Microblue Service

MicroBlue is a patented 1-micron coating process offered for ring and pinion gear sets and bearings. Benefits include reduced friction, lower temperatures, reduced noise, and extended component life. It improves the wetting properties of any lubricant. The coating contains atomic sulphur, which positively effects all lubricants. As a result, when a lubricant comes in contact with MicroBlue, it changes the way it “wets” the surface, reducing the surface tension of the oil, which makes it far more efficient in reducing friction.

MicroBlue is very different from other coatings. The most notable is the way it is applied. It blasted onto the surface, and uses no heat nor binders. It does bond to itself, so build-up is a non issue, and thus no size change, no adjustments needed. Other coatings use adhesion to stay on the surface, the process creates an atomic bond, which makes it impossible to chip, flake or peel.

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