Aluminum Modular 4-Link

The Strange Ultra Rear was specifically designed to meet the needs of the most abusive and demanding racers. The core of the Ultra Rear is created from a superior 206-T4 heat treated aluminum. The premium aluminum has a 12% higher yield strength and a 32% higher tensile strength compared to commonly used 356-T6 aluminum. In addition, the Strange casting is further enhanced by hot isostatic pressing (HIP). The HIP process subjects the casting to elevated temperatures and isostatic pressure, which reduces or eliminates casting voids and micro shrinkage which in turn maximizes strength, ductility and dramatically improves fatigue life. Fully machined lightweight aluminum housing and components ensure precise alignment of wheels, as opposed to compromised welded steel housings which are subject to heat distortion. Fully ribbed rigid housing design reduces deflection induced by hard launches and tire shake. The bottom brace is extended in close proximity to the shock mount for better support and the lower wishbone mount is designed for double shear loading vs. cantilever bending. The aluminum housing is coated with Enduraguard, which offers unmatched corrosion protection and an attractive black finish. The Ultra Rear is available with 16”, 17”, 18″, or 19″ centers, optional 4-link brackets, and several different wheel to wheel dimensions.