Pro 2 pc S/S Dual Rear Brake Kits

///Pro 2 pc S/S Dual Rear Brake Kits

Strange Pro series II Stainless dual rear brake kits are an advancement in the two piece design by manufacturing the floating rotor out of stainless steel. While being corrosion resistant, the main benefit is the ability to survive under elevated temperatures without warping or distorting. The stainless steel is thermally stress relieved to further enhance material stability. The result is a rotor that maintains superior strength at higher temperatures in comparison to carbon steel. Included are the new Strange billet calipers for steel brakes that share the same billet bodies as supplied in our Pro Series carbon brake kit.

These calipers offer additional bridge strength and contain four longer and larger diameter (1.750”) stainless steel pistons. This design provides more clamping force and piston stability. The result is the ability to quickly scrub off MPH in an index class and reducing the possibility of brake drag as the pads wear and pistons extend. Single or dual caliper kits are available with soft, medium, or hard metallic brake pads.

Brake Pads are offered in soft, medium, and hard metallic compositions. Soft metallic, used in all front brake kits, are one of three pad options in rear kits. They have excellent starting line holding capabilities and, in rear applications, are best suited in vehicles traveling less than 150 mph. The medium metallic pads are for rear only, have a much higher temperature rating, used in vehicles doing over 150 mph, but sacrifice on cold holding. Hard metallics have the same heat rating as the medium, but with better cold holding ability. The hard pads will transfer some additional pad material to the brake rotor surface which will eventually need to be removed when replacing the brake pads.