Strange Oval’s proven KERA Technology- Left and right side axles differ in lengths and normally have the same shaft diameter. The left axle does not “wrap-up” as much as the right side resulting in the vehicle to steer right on initial acceleration, since the left rear tire is loaded first. Strange Oval manufactures axles that differ in shaft OD size and are matched to your vehicle/application to equalize this torque steer reaction- both under acceleration and deceleration. Strange Oval KERA axles can be used as a precise tuning device like that of tire stagger, without having any effect on existing cross weight, spring rates, anti-roll bar, ride height or tire pressure. Strange Oval axles are made from premium (mill run) Hy-Tuf steel and go thru an extensive process to assure maximum life and straightness. Strange Oval also provides equal diameter shafts – All axles are gun-drilled, manufactured by Strange Oval in the USA and are REM finished. Don’t just race… Race Strange