New Products
CTW Wheels – Smith, M
Lingenfelter LSA to LS9 snout – Castle, G
Boom Mat lightweight sound deadening – Didato, J
Pfadt Tri-Y long-tube headers – Gifford, T
Strange bolt-in IRS S-60 for fifth-gen – Bucher, G
Holley LS mini-ram cathedral port intake – Bucher, G

May 2013

Ad Close Date-2/12/13 On Sale Date-4/9/13

The May issue of GMHTP covers the latest news on the unveiling of the 2014 Corvette, and is also chock full of old school features. The GMHTP 2012 Camaro SS project will also be unveiled and put to its paces before we roll up our sleeves and start mod’ing. Speaking of new projects, we’ll kick off a new third-gen project by removing its spent TPI 350 for an overhaul. Also on the docket for May: drivetrain upgrades allow for some impressive sixty-foot times in a C6 with sticky tires. On a C5 we’ll be replacing ported LS6 heads and intake with the baddest aftermarket pieces for max street power– 450+rwhp on pump gas with stock cubes. The groundbreaking new Dynoshaft will be put to the test on our STI Killer Camaro project to see how it stacks up against a chassis dyno, and how to use it for datalogging and tuning. Last but not least, the Calibration series takes a look at ignition advance as a primer for DIY EFI tuning.

Third-Gen Project: introducing a new ’87 Formula project car, and removing its spent TPI 350.
Sources- Lunati – White, B
LS6 Heads & Intake Test: dyno testing an aftermarket intake and heads versus ported stock LS6 parts for max power in a daily driven, stock cube LS6 combo.
Sources- Airflow Research – Mehlhoff, B, FAST – White, B
C6 Drivetrain: axles and a larger clutch give the strength needed for low 11-second passes on sticky tires.
Sources- The Driveshaft Shop – Castle, G, RAM Clutches – Jones, C, Nitto Tires – Yee, D, Corvette Central Performance – Figg, D

StrangeStrange 9.75 5th gen Camaro rear end
Dynoshaft: combining the STI Killer’s new data logging hardware with the Dynoshaft to measure power.
Sources- AEM Electronics – Yee, D
Calibration: Part 2 of this series goes in-depth on ignition advance.
Sources- RaceKrafters – Strickrodt, H